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  • In hockey, there are 6 players to each side, one of which is the goalie. The goalie can be pulled for an extra player. Hockey teams usually consist of 4 lines, totalling to 20 players.

  • Instead of a ball (like most sports) they use a puck.

  • Faceoffs: The game begins with a faceoff at the center of the rink, where the referee drops the puck, and players from each team try to gain possession.

  • Offsides: Players cannot precede the puck into the offensive zone; otherwise, it results in an offsides infraction. The puck must enter the zone before any attacking player.

  • Icing: Icing occurs when a player shoots the puck from behind the center line to the opponent's goal line, and it reaches that goal line without being touched by another player. This results in a faceoff in the offender's defensive zone.

  • Penalties: Various infractions lead to penalties, and the penalized player must serve time in the penalty box. Common penalties include tripping, slashing, and roughing.

  • Power Play and Penalty Kill: When a team has a player in the penalty box, the opposing team is on a power play, while the penalized team is on a penalty kill, creating a temporary advantage for the power-play team.


  • Minor Penalties (2 Minutes):

    • Tripping: Using a stick or any part of the body to trip an opponent.

    • Hooking: Using a stick to impede an opponent's progress by hooking onto them.

    • Slashing: Swinging the stick at an opponent with force, whether or not contact is made.

    • Interference: Impeding the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck.

    • High-Sticking: Striking an opponent with a stick above the shoulders.

  • Double Minor Penalties (4 Minutes):

    • High-Sticking (drawing blood): If a high-sticking penalty results in an opponent bleeding, the penalty is extended to four minutes.

  • Major Penalties (5 Minutes):

    • Fighting: Engaging in a physical altercation with an opponent, resulting in a major penalty and ejection from the game.

  • Misconduct Penalties (10 Minutes):

    • Misconduct: Generally assessed for unsportsmanlike conduct or verbal abuse towards officials. The penalized player sits out for 10 minutes, but their team remains at full strength.

  • Game Misconduct Penalties (Ejection from the Game):

    • Game Misconduct: Given for more serious offenses or after accumulating multiple penalties. The player is ejected from the game, and a substitute serves the remaining time in the penalty box.

    • Match Penalty: Given for deliberate attempts to injure an opponent. The player is ejected, and their team must play short-handed for five minutes.


  • Goals are scored in hockey when a player shoots the puck into the opposing team's net and it crosses the goal line, counting as one point. The team with the most goals wins and the game goes to overtime in the event of a tie.


  • Forwards (3 total):

    • Center: Typically plays a key role in both offensive and defensive aspects, often taking faceoffs and distributing the puck.

    • Wingers (Left Wing and Right Wing): Primarily focus on scoring goals, supporting the center, and creating offensive opportunities.

  • Defensemen (2 total):

    • Left Defense and Right Defense: Responsible for defending their team's goal, preventing opposing players from scoring, and often involved in moving the puck up the ice to start offensive plays.

  • Goaltender (Goalie):

    • Goalie: Positioned in front of the goal, the goalie's primary role is to block shots on goal, preventing the opposing team from scoring.


  • There is 60 minutes of ice time in a game, which are split into 3 periods. Between the periods, there are 15 minute breaks. The play clock stops when the puck is not on the ice. During stoppages, the players are usually substituted.

  • At the end of each period, teams switch sides. When the score is tied at the end of regulation, there is overtime. In the NHL, overtime is played in a 3 on 3 scenario, the first goal wins. If after the overtime a goal has not been scored, the game moves into a shootout. During the playoffs, they play 5 on 5 for 20-minute periods until one team scores.

Rink Overview

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