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MLB Playoff Format Changes

Over the past 30 years, MLB playoffs and divisions have been like a game of musical chairs, but with baseball teams. The Wild Card joined the party, giving non-division winners a shot at the title, and teams have been moving around divisions like they're changing seats on a rollercoaster. The New York Yankees are still the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox are still the Red Sox, and the Dodgers are still... well, the Dodgers. Meanwhile, smaller-market teams like the Tampa Bay Rays have mastered the art of playing Moneyball on a shoestring budget. Interleague Play dropped by to mix things up, like inviting your cousins to the party – you never know what kind of rivalry will brew. Baseball: where the only constant is change, and that's just how we like it!

2023 MLB Playoffs

Current MLB Playoff Bracket
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