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NBA Expansion and Name Changes

In the last 30 years, the NBA has been reinventing its rulebook like a chef experimenting with new flavors. They expanded playoffs, shuffled divisions like a deck of cards, and even introduced a "play-in tournament" for extra drama. With rule changes from hand-checking to three-point madness, it's like they're turning basketball into a mathematical puzzle. But through all the twists and turns, the NBA remains a captivating show, whether you're in it for the game or the fashion. It's a rulebook rollercoaster you won't want to miss!

Current NBA Divisions

Eastern Conference

Atlantic (Eastern)

  • Boston Celtics

  • Brooklyn Nets

  • New York Knicks

  • Philadelphia Sixers

  • Toronto Raptors

Northwest (Western)

  • Denver Nuggets

  • Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Portland Trail Blazers

  • Utah Jazz

Central (Eastern)

  • Chicago Bulls

  • Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Detroit Pistons

  • Indiana Pacers

  • Milwakuee Bucks

Pacific (Western)

  • Golden State Warriors

  • Los Angeles Clippers

  • Los Angeles Lakers

  • Phoenix Suns

  • Sacramento Kings

Southeast (Eastern)

  • Atlanta Hawks

  • Charolotte Hornets

  • Miami Heat

  • Orlando Magic

  • Washington Wizards

Southwest (Western)

  • Dallas Mavericks

  • Houston Rockets

  • Memphis Grizzlies

  • New Orleans Pelicans

  • San Antonio Spurs

Western Conference

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