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NFL Name Changes and Relocations

Ah, the NFL, where teams change cities like people change hairstyles. From Cleveland to Kenosha, Boston to Washington, and pirates in Pittsburgh turning into steelworkers, it's a league where even city names play musical chairs. And let's not forget the team formerly known as the "Potatoheads" (just kidding) — the Washington Football Team turned the word "rebrand" into a multi-year mystery. All in all, it's a place where you're only a few seasons away from your favorite team becoming the Las Vegas Elvises!

Current NFL Divisions

American Football Conference (AFC)

National Football League (NFC)

AFC - North

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • Cincinnati Bengals

  • Cleveland Browns

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC - East

  • Buffalo Bills

  • Miami Dolphins

  • New England Patriots

  • New York Jets

AFC - South

  • Houston Texans

  • Indianapolis Colts

  • Tennessee Titans

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC - West

  • Denver Broncos

  • Kansas City Chiefs

  • Oakland Raiders

  • San Diego Chargers

NFC - North

  • Chicago Bears

  • Detroit Lions

  • Green Bay Packers

  • Minnesota Vikings

NFC - East

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • New York Giants

  • Philadelphia Eagles

  • Washington Redskins

NFC - South

  • Atlanta Falcons

  • Carolina Panthers

  • New Orleans Saints

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC - West

  • Arizona Cardinals

  • Los Angeles Rams

  • San Francisco 49ers

  • Seattle Seahawks

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