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All Major NHL Rule Changes

Over the years, NHL rule changes have given us a rollercoaster of surprises. It's like the league couldn't decide if it wanted to play ice hockey or invent a new sport. First, they went from two-game, total-goals series to best-of-three, as if they realized that goals aren't made to be shared. Then, they expanded the playoffs so often, it felt like they were inviting everyone to the postseason party, and suddenly, even the Zamboni driver had playoff dreams. But you know they've truly embraced chaos when they changed from Original Six to a 32-team fiesta. It's like trying to teach an old puck new tricks. The only constant? Fans yelling at their screens, trying to make sense of the ever-evolving rulebook. Who says ice hockey can't keep you on thin ice?

Craig MacTavish (Last player to not wear a helmet in the NHL)

Craig MacTavish retired following the 1996-1997 season and was the last player to play in the NHL without a helmet.

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