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Big Ten's "Big Dreams" slogan diminished by ugly, consistent criminal scandals

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Big Ten conference is smarter and more prestigious than every other conference and as the oldest brand in college sports - it's the "Premier Conference" according to... itself. However, outside of trying to make college basketball more like tackle football (i.e. unwatchable) and blaming the "depth of talent" on an embarrassingly long national title drought in men's basketball (Indiana coming back sometime in our lifetime?), the number of scandals that have rocked the conference in downright shocking. Some are more cheating (Michigan spying?) however some Sandusky (Penn State) and Nassar (Michigan State) are downright horrifying and have to make one question how much "smarter and more prestigious" is the B1G conference. Oh by the way, they still print money, to the tune of $7 billion - $10 billion per year due to football, which just so happens to be the culprit of nearly all the scandals.

Here's a complete list of all the notable criminal scandals since 2011 with links if you want to learn more, unfortunately the number is accelerating quickly in this social media era. Note, these don't include cheating like Michigan's John Harbaugh several allegations (once a year at this point), Michigan State's Mark Dantonio's multiple NCAA recruiting violations in 2020, Iowa football players betting on sports in 2022 (to name a few). At least Georgia football just let's players drive at whatever speed they want:


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