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General rules for each sport

Knowing the general rules of sports is essential because without them, trying to play a game would be like attempting to salsa dance with a kangaroo—entertaining for onlookers, but mostly just confusing and potentially hazardous. You also don't want to sound dumb in front of your friends, families, co-workers, etc.


COMING SOON! The simple yet confusing rules of soccer state that players can't use their hands (except the goalie) as they sprint across the massive field tackling and headbutting the ball into the net, but if they fake an injury badly enough the referee might give a penalty .


COMING SOON! The chaotic rules of hockey allow players to shove, slam, and pummel each other along the boards surrounding the icy rink as they skate at high speeds slapping a tiny puck with sticks, unless the referee penalizes them for roughing, icing, or touching the puck with a high stick.

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